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The Alphabet of Change. Start With Your Own Vision!


Great writers describe life as a ” theatrical production”. And if you let me just add a personal touch to this statement: a good theater needs perfect dramaturgy and a sharp producer’s eye. It is not necessary to plan for long your visit to the theater in order to be convinced that there comes a day when you find yourself before the very doors of your own dramatic change, regardless of whether or not you have a ticket. And this, my dear ladies, is the moment of coming to your senses. Imagine the following: you are holding your purse, stamping the heels of your shoes and nervously  pulling at your dress, just as a small girl at a Christmas performance. Something is wrong, something is just not right. You can feel it and you can definitely sense it. But what is it? The answer is YOU. It is high time that you pick up your head and look at the illuminated sign boards above you. The whole theater facade is shining with the sign: The Alphabet of Change. And indeed, that is the theatrical production you are going to watch this Friday night. But just think about it, is there anything more exciting in life than you yourself taking part in building your own life, taking the leading part in the stage production and with touch of talent you will turn the show into a blockbuster and into your best investment ever. Leave those whining, murmuring and always discontented to keep complaining on social media; those who do not understand you and support you must be given a long leave by you, while you send those laughing at you to a remote galaxy full of people who do not believe in change. Now is the moment for you to pluck up the courage in your veins and to make the first step! Start with your vision! Change your haircut, or at least change the color, and do not miss to present yourself with a fresh bang, a hit in the winter coiffure trends. Be bold, leave all fictitious changes behind you, and just do your thing. This is the key to your future smile! New aroma. Well, every woman leaves her own touch on her favorite perfume bottle, but do you think it’s ok to wear the same shirt every birthday and so on for the next… twenty years?! You don’t, do you? And so is the case with the perfume. Replace it with a feminine new aroma, just to your own taste. Make-up, manicure, skin care. Come on, it’s time for those too. Do not look skeptically at this point, for this is a part of your self-confidence, isn’t it. Take care for it and do it with dignity. Call your cosmetician and “grab” the first appointment available.  Massage is not another word for airs and graces, so add it to the list as well, and your body will be thankful. And while organizing all of the above, I do believe that as a smart girl you are already off to the clothing store. If this is not the way you do your shopping, if you prefer the coziness of the home lounge, the new beige trench coat, stylish autumn handbag and breath taking jewelry, then you will be more than welcome at your favorite online store. Be practical, in the global world of fashion, the internet boutiques are the best address for your whole new wardrobe. To make the loudest block in the city sink into a cloud of silence is an explicit sign that your steps along the alley have been noticed. The success of change is hidden within you, be generous when taking care of your own selves. Happiness we all dream of is a state of spirit, just after you realize what makes you feel the sense of delight, then you will have reached what words cannot describe. That’s why, listen to my advice and start today the Alphabet of Your Own Personal Change. And while doing this, remember to enjoy the theater called Life!

Penned by our Guest writer

Kristina Sivilova