Striking Men’s Night Vision Polarized UV400 Glasses




  • Brand Name:  F.D.S
  • Special Features: Radiation Protection
  • Special Features: Anti-UV
  • Special Features: Dust-Proof
  • Special Features: Polarization
  • Special Features: Anti-glare
  • Polarized glasse sItem: High Quality Night Vision Driving Polarized Classic Fashion Sunglasses
  • lens Visible perspective rate: 99%
  • glasses Style: Classic Fashion sunglasses
  • Whether polarized: Is polarized glasses
  • Anti-UV level: UV400 100% UV protection
  • Lens Material: True Polaroid polarized lenses
  • Suitable places: Driving, fishing, everyday casual
  • Featured1: sunglasses men polarized uv400 high quality
  • Features:
    Improve the driving at night, solve the problem of dazzle light! High beam can decrease the effectiveness of the dipped headlight, the strength of the dipped headlight can be reduced to small bulbs. Will not dazzle and could not see the road. The difference between this kind of night vision glasses and other ordinary glasses:ensures maximum visibility while prevent the dazzle/glaring light, make the vision more clearly.
    • Thincken Polarized lenses:1.1mm better others 0.7mm
    • Eliminate glare and reduce eye fatigue
    • Polarized triacetate lenses are impact and scratch resistant,
    • Mid weight and durable
    • Perfect for Golf, Kayaking, Running, Sailing and all outdoor activities
    • Flattering lines and design features
    • Classic Polit styling
    • Anti-UV level: UV400 100% UV protection
    • Lens Material: polarized lenses(We have tested already)
    • Model: Night Vision Glasses
    • Suitable places: Driving, fishing, everyday casual.
    Package Included:
    1 x polarized glasses

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