She Had 19 Kids In Her Class During The Florida School Massacre, She Saved Them With Quick Thinking

Melissa Falkowski is being praised as a hero after she hid over 19 students inside a closet while the Florida school shooting was happening.

Many students are now speaking out to thank her for her act of bravery and for keeping them safe during the time of chaos.

Emma Down said about Melissa: She is an amazing educator who deserves praise for what she did. “I had multiple panic attacks while locked in the closet with 19 other people for numerous hours”They spoke about how Melissa kept saying ” I won’t let anything happen to any of you guys “.

She was constantly checking to see if everyone was safe and constantly kept everyone calm.

Some of the kids even began posting on Twitter after the incident.

You can watch a video of Melissa speaking to news stations below
“As a society, you know, as Americans, we’re failing our children. We’re not keeping them safe, and Congress is failing us and the government is failing us and something has to be done.” – Florida teacher Melissa Falkowski

Melissa Falkowski, a teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, hid with 19 students in a closet during the shooting there, and all of them made it out safely.

She tells TODAY she put her own feelings aside to try to keep her students calm: “I just did my job.” She says that not talking about gun control after mass shootings “hasn’t gotten us anywhere” and adds “Congress is failing us, the government is failing us

Well done Melissa. This is a true sign of bravery. I am letting the world know about you.

Other Interesting facts you don’t know about her.

Melissa’s husband is also a teacher

She was awarded Browards 2016 journalism high school advisor of the year award.

Falkowski Is a Dedicated Liberal & Has Fought for Teacher’s Rights in the Past

Well done Melissa. You are a true hero.