Your 9 Months Pregnancy Life In 4 Minutes!!! This Is Beyond Amazing!!!

Sexual education is a particularly touchy topic depending on where you’re from, but it’s still absolutely vital if we want our children to make proper decisions later on in life.

I think we can all agree that the more a person understands about anything the less likely they’ll be dumb about it themselves. Regardless of whether you believe in abstinence or proper sexual safety, knowing what to expect when the time DOES come will make it a whole lot less stressful. Thanks to the internet there are loads of misinformed people out there, and PSNX is aiming to correct that.

In the four minute video you’re about to watch you’ll discover what exactly happens inside of the womb from conception to birth, and it doesn’t hold anything back! They show you the distance sperm travels to reach the egg and what happens when it finally makes it; what the tadpole looks like when it’s starting to grow actual limbs and they even show you the development of our sexual organs. At around the 3 minute mark you can even tell the baby will grow into an evil genius…

When they finally got to the birthing process (“finally” is fairly relative here) you can see how the baby’s skull is moved around a bit to fit through the pelvis. Why would knowing how that works be important? So no one ever sees their baby when it’s coming out and assumes it’s deformed or something – trust in medicine, it’s a natural occurrence!

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